Journal of Software Engineering

Journal of Software Engineering is a refereed international journal whose cover all aspects of software engineering and related hardware-software systems issues. All articles should include a validation of the idea presented, e.g. through case studies, experiments, or systematic comparisons with other approaches already in practice. Two types of papers are accepted: (1) A short paper that discusses a single contribution to a specific new trend or a new idea, and (2) A long paper that provides a survey of a specific research trend using systematic literature review (SLR) method, as well as a traditional review method.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Requirement Engineering
  2. Software Development Methodology
  3. Software Quality Prediction
  4. Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  5. Software Architecture
  6. Software Project Management
  7. Software Process Improvement
  8. Self-Adaptive Software and Autonomic Computing
  9. Software Engineering Applications in Various Fields

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Vol 1, No 2 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Pendekatan Level Data untuk Menangani Ketidakseimbangan Kelas pada Prediksi Cacat Software PDF
Aries Saifudin, Romi Satria Wahono 76-85
Integrasi SMOTE dan Information Gain pada Naive Bayes untuk Prediksi Cacat Software PDF
Sukmawati Anggraini Putri, Romi Satria Wahono 86-91
Penggunaan Random Under Sampling untuk Penanganan Ketidakseimbangan Kelas pada Prediksi Cacat Software Berbasis Neural Network PDF
Erna Irawan, Romi Satria Wahono 92-100
Integrasi Bagging dan Greedy Forward Selection pada Prediksi Cacat Software dengan Menggunakan Naive Bayes PDF
- Fitriyani, Romi Satria Wahono 101-108
Komparasi Metode Machine Learning dan Metode Non Machine Learning untuk Estimasi Usaha Perangkat Lunak PDF
Ega Kartika Adhitya, Romi Satria Wahono, Hendro Subagyo 109-113
Integrasi Pareto Fitness, Multiple-Population dan Temporary Population pada Algoritma Genetika untuk Pembangkitan Data Tes pada Pengujian Perangkat Lunak PDF
Mohammad Reza Maulana, Romi Satria Wahono, Catur Supriyanto 114-120